Book Summaries

Microeconomic Theory by Andreu Mas-Colell, Michael Whinston, and Jerry Green

Chapter 1: Preference and Choice
Chapter 2: Consumer Choice
Chapter 3: Classical Demand Theory (Part Two)
Chapter 4: Aggregate Demand
Chapter 5: Production
Chapter 6: Choice Under Uncertainty
Chapter 7: Basic Elements Of Noncooperative Games
Chapter 8: Simultaneous Move Games
Chapter 9: Dynamic Games
Chapter 10: Competitive Markets
Chapter 11: Externalities And Public Goods
Chapter 12: Market Power
Chapter 13: Adverse Deletion, Signaling, And Screening
Chapter 14: The Principal Agent Problem
Chapter 15: General Equilibrium Theory
Chapter 16: Equilibrium And Its Basic Welfare Properties
Chapter 17: The Positive Theory Of Equilibrium
Chapter 18: Some Foundations For Competitive Equilibria
Chapter 19: General Equilibrium Under Uncertainty
Chapter 20: Equilibrium And Time
Chapter 21: Social Choice Theory
Chapter 22: Elements Of Welfare Economics And Axiomatic Bargaining
Chapter 23: Incentives And Mechanism Design

Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market by Murray Rothbard

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Human Action
Chapter 2: Direct Exchange (Part Two)
Chapter 3: The Pattern of Indirect Exchange
Chapter 4: Prices and Consumption
Chapter 5: Production: The Structure
Chapter 6: Production: The Rate of Interest and its Determination
Chapter 7: Production: General Pricing of the Factors
Chapter 8: Production: Entrepreneurship and Change
Chapter 9: Production: Particular Factor Prices and Productive Incomes
Chapter 10: Monopoly and Competition
Chapter 11: Money and its Purchasing Power
Chapter 12: The Economics of Violent Intervention in the Market
Chapter 13: Defense Services on the Freek Market
Chapter 14: Fundamentals of Intervention
Chapter 15: Triangular Intervention
Chapter 16: Binary Intervention: Taxation
Chapter 17: Binary Intervention: Government Expenditures
Chapter 18: Antimarket Ethics: A Praxeological Critique
Chapter 19: Conclusion: Economics and Public Policy

The Theory of Price by George Stigler

Chapter 1: Introduction To Economic Analysis
Chapter 2: Prices and The Enterprise Economy
Chapter 3: Consumer Behavior
Chapter 4: The Theory Of Utility (Part Two)
Chapter 5: Pricing With Limited Supplies
Chapter 6: The Supplies Of Productive Services
Chapter 7: Costs And Production
Chapter 8: Production: Diminishing Returns
Chapter 9: Production: Returns To Scale
Chapter 10: Additional Topics In Production And Costs
Chapter 11: The General Theory Of Competitive Prices
Chapter 12: Theory Of Monopoly
Chapter 13: Oligopoly, Cartels, And Mergers
Chapter 14: The Economics Of Information
Chapter 15: The Demand For Productive Services
Chapter 16: Rents And Quasi-Rents
Chapter 17: Wage Theory
Chapter 18: The Size Distribution Of Income
Chapter 19: Capital And Interest
Chapter 20: The Economy And The State

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