Top Posts of 2014

2014 was an eventful year for me, which doesn't help my blogging. For those who don't know, I started the year in Barcelona where I was finishing up my master's degree. After moving to Minnesota, I got married (the real highlight of the year) and then started my Ph.D.

Along the way, I was able to squeeze in a few posts. Here are the most popular posts of 2014 (with stats since around August 1st):

  1. Which School of Thought Are You? (3,244 views)- A short post with a table about different schools of thought. Not a particularly enlightening post, but it did well on Reddit. Reddit leads to traffic, but not interactions.
  2. 5 Life Lessons Economics Taught Me (2,433 views)- My personal favorite, this post highlighted a few of the lessons I've taken away from economics. I've extended this post into a short e-book, but it looks like the Ph.D. has successfully killed that project.
  3. One Semester in an Economics Ph.D. (463 views)- This recent post has done well (for my little blog). In it, I reflect on my first semester at Minnesota. It explains the process a little to my friends and family who have no idea what an economics Ph.D. is like.
  4. Reflections on the Advanced Austrian Seminar (253 views)- This summer was the first time I had met anyone interested in Austrian economics. Before that, I just assumed everyone was fake. Nope. Not true. Here I wrote down my thoughts after spending some time learning about Austrian economics from people like Pete Boettke, Pete Leeson, Chris Coyne, and Larry White.

These aren't Marginal Revolution stats, but I've enjoyed every minute of it. Next year, I will keep pushing to make this site interesting for both of my followers!

Happy New Year 🙂