Big Announcement from my Small Blog

While this news is not on the realm of yesterday's good news, it is important in my small world. As many of you know, I am currently finishing up my masters at the Barcelona GSE. Luckily, this experience did not scare me too much, so I have decided to keep going with my formal economic training.

The past few months have been a long process. There are many events in my life I would love to do again (play college football, see LOTR in theaters, eat at Chipotle), but applying to PhD programs is not one of them. It involves hours and hours of essay writing, mindless application details, checking on recommendations, and mostly just being uncertain and stressed about the future. On top, the applications fees can put a dent in one's pocketbook. It was fun in its own sadistic way, but I am glad to be done with it. I know Brynn is too.

After much delibration, I have decided to attend the University of Minnesota this fall. It's an exciting program that has been expanding in recent years. While Minnesota is best known for its historic macro program, it has an excellent industrial organization team (connected with the business school and the Minneapolis Fed), which is my current area of interest. While there are other programs that I would love to attend, Minnesota is certainly the best for my career and personal goals. It will be the hardest academic challenge of my life.

I'm sure I will be the only one in my cohort that reads Rothbard and Buchanan for fun in my spare time. That's okay. I don't really like being around totally like-minded people. I mean, I live in Spain where I am not the norm in any way. Still, Minnesota will push me to become the best economist I can be.

The blog will still be up and running, so I will still be learning from my favorite economists online and you few followers will still know what is going on in my career.

Wish my fiancé and me luck!

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